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Thursday, 11/18/2021

Lavite Co., Ltd. is an innovative start-up in the field of Agriculture with the goal of increasing the value of Vietnamese medicinal herbs and agricultural products, based on the application of technological processes researched and developed by the Company itself. develop. Lavite is a unit specializing in research, production and sales of food and health food from cordyceps mushrooms and medicinal herbs. 

Cordyceps Hector  is a brand of health food products with Cordyceps as the main ingredient, a trademark of Lavite Co., Ltd. The Hector Cordyceps project is meant to add value to this medicinal mushroom and is an inspiring story of innovation in the agriculture, biotechnology, food and health sectors. , is the story that elevates the Vietnamese brand, and the story that brings science to life in the most vivid way. Customers come to Hector initially to find a solution for health, beauty and family happiness, after experiencing and being satisfied beyond expectations, many customers have since long accompanied the programs. community program that the company is building.

Lavite Co., Ltd., brand of Hector Cordyceps, although it is a young business, was just born at the end of 2016 and Hector products have only been launched in the market from 2018 to now, but the unit has participated in the start-up. initiates and accompanies many community activities, with the overall goal towards

(1) join hands to protect public health

 (2) nurturing and sponsoring orphans to go to school safely 

 (3) contribute to the incubation of talents

1. Lavite - Hector, join hands to protect public health

As an enterprise specializing in developing healthy food products, helping to protect the health of everyone and every home, Lavite has always remembered the responsibility of joining hands to protect public health as a main activity. of your unit. From the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic until today, Lavite and the Hector merchant community have joined hands to support many medical teams, doctors and frontline soldiers against the epidemic. The company and agents donated a total of 5,000 boxes of Hector Ginseng Cordyceps Water , 200 bottles of dried sublimated Cordyceps Mushrooms and many necessities and masks with a total value of more than 02 billion. Hector products have contributed to helping many doctors in many provinces and cities across the country overcome the most stressful and stressful times in recent years.

In addition, responding to the Government's call, LAVITE Company and the dealer system donated a total of 132 million VND to the COVID-19 vaccine fund, joining hands with individuals, organizations and communities. to bring vaccines quickly to the people of Vietnam.

Lavite và các nhà bán hàng đã tặng Nước Đông Trùng Hạ Thảo Hector Sâm đồng hành cùng tuyến đầu chống dịch

Lavite and vendors have donated Hector Ginseng Cordyceps Water to accompany the frontline against epidemics in all provinces and cities across the country.

Một trong rất nhiều những lá thư cảm ơn từ các bệnh viện và công đoàn Y Tế

One of many thank you letters from hospitals and health unions

2. Lavite - Hector, together raise and sponsor orphans to go to school with peace of mind

From 2020 to now, Lavite and the company's staff and the community of sellers of Cordyceps Hector have periodically and regularly participated in sponsoring SOS Children's Village activities . This is a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization that works to protect and care for orphans, abandoned or unable to receive care from their families.

In October 2020, the representative of Lavite, Deputy General Director Dang Thi Lua joined hands with other businesses of the Morning Tony Production Club to set up an activity to sponsor children orphaned by natural disasters or accidents, to help children. Orphans are raised and have the opportunity to continue their education until the age of 18. With this move, every month, besides SOS Children's Village Vietnam , Lavite and Hector vendors have been periodically sponsoring many other orphans to go to school. Although operating for nearly 1 year, the total amount Lavite and agents have jointly sponsored for this activity is currently 750 million VND.

Quỹ bảo trợ trẻ em Tony Buổi Sáng hăm hỏi, giúp đỡ các em nhỏ mồ côi tại miền Trung sau đợt thiên tai, bão lụt năm 2021

Deputy General Director Dang Thi Lua and the co-founders of the Orphanage Fund - Tony Morning visit and help  orphans in the Central region after natural disasters, storms and floods in 2021

In addition, Lavite also participated in responding to the call to accompany Operation Smile , a free surgery program for children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities, helping to heal. smile and change the lives of underprivileged children around the world.

3. Lavite - Hector, help nurture talent

As an innovative company, Lavite always focuses on investing in talent and encouraging student scholarship programs and university grant programs. In the academic year 2020 - 2021, Lavite has sponsored 110 million VND for the Student Scholarship Fund of the schools: University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, Tay Do University, Phan Thiet University.

Lavite tài trợ Quỹ học bổng cho một số trường Đại Học: ĐH Y Dược, ĐH Phan Thiết, ĐH Tây Đô,…

Lavite sponsors scholarship funds for a number of universities: University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Phan Thiet University, Tay Do University, etc.

4. Lavite - Hector, a compassionate community

In addition to the three main community service principles above, Lavite and the Hector Cordyceps dealer community still regularly respond to other urgent calls of the community such as the program of mutual affection for people in flood areas. Central, support for fresh water in the West, support for water tanks in the highlands, join hands to support people in epidemic areas to return to their hometown and many other programs to call for charm.