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Look Magazine: "Foreign" quality "Domestic" goods

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Tuesday, 05/18/2021

Tạp chí Look: Hàng “nội” chất lượng “ngoại”

The product lines of the brand Hector

In ancient times, cordyceps was often considered a rare, expensive and only medicinal herb for the rich. However, thanks to the development of science and technology, cheap cordyceps were born, serving the increasing demand for use. One of them is Hector Cordyceps , with the motto of protecting the health of Vietnamese families.

According to scientific studies, cordyceps contains many bioactive compounds that are beneficial to health. For a long time, cordyceps has been proven to bring many effects in the goal of increasing vitality, increasing endocrine, increasing arousal for both men and women. 

It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antioxidant effects. It prevents premature aging, improves the circulation of the epidermis, restores skin elasticity, makes the skin smooth and youthful. It also has the effect of increasing resistance, regulating blood sugar, blood pressure, and reducing stress. 

Despite being a young brand, Hector has received great support from the market, changing the perspective of consumers about Vietnamese goods. Ms. Trang La, co-founder of Lavite Co., Ltd. shared about the development of this pure Vietnamese cordyceps.

Chị Trang La và các thành viên sáng lập Tuyết Nguyễn, Phú Bùi, Đặng Thị Lụa

Ms. Trang La and founding members Tuyet Nguyen, Phu Bui, Dang Thi Lua

Winning the market's trust is always an uphill battle. What were Hector's initial challenges, ladies?

The biggest difficulty is that consumers often think that only natural cordyceps is really effective, almost do not believe in farmed products. Then the name is also very ambiguous, even though the scientific name is only Cordyceps. Fortunately, in the founding team of Lavite, there are scientists who are helped by leading researchers in the field, so a high and stable drug content is always guaranteed. Hector is a product with a transparent origin, pure Vietnamese, with a growing area, using 100% domestic materials and a factory that meets US export standards.

And we also think that applying science and technology is to reduce the erosion of nature to serve human needs.

Why is the product named Hector? What is its meaning?

Hector is a hero in pure Greek mythology, who joined the bloody Trojan War to protect his family, out of loyalty to his father, and above all, fought bravely for his country. Hector is a great inspiration for our product, a solution to protect the health of yourself and those you love. 

Hoa hậu Việt Nam Nguyễn Thu Thuỷ - một trong những người lan toả sản phẩm

Miss Vietnam Nguyen Thu Thuy - one of the people who spread the product

The product has been launched for nearly 3 years, how has Hector helped change consumers' perception of using Vietnamese goods?

Many people still put their trust in imported products to improve their skin, hair, and health. First, we use multiple distribution channels to bring our products to market. Once customers experience it, they will feel the difference of a product of natural origin. At first, I was surprised, then I had the belief that Vietnamese goods are not inferior in quality to imported goods. One effective user helps spread the word to five or ten other people. And we win the hearts of our customers because of that.

What specific product lines does Hector currently have?

We have the first two lines of water-based cordyceps in the market that combine HTHT & Collagen to help rejuvenate, increase hormones, skin, hair, bones and joints and Hector DTHT combines ginseng to help increase endurance, vitality, and vitality. treat & cure alcohol. The advantage of the product is the delicious taste, easy to absorb. Also available in tablet/dried form. And the sales network covers more than 50 provinces in the country.

What are Hector's goals ahead, ma'am?

 We aim to have about ten million customers using Hector by 2025, along with developing distribution channels and export connections. Distributors are an important link on the way to bring products to consumers & are a great source of spread. We work together in the spirit of a manufacturer dedicated to making quality goods, and a distributor dedicated to good sales, as if contributing a little more energy to efforts to raise the value of products and brands. Vietnamese.

Source: Look . Magazine