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Lavite - Hector in the Entrepreneur Connection newspaper: Success from the leaders "Share the vision, firmly believe, satisfy the passion"

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Thursday, 05/13/2021

Lavite is a unit specializing in the production and sales of high quality for public health. Through many years of operation with the motto "Passion - Integrity - Culture - Business Ethics", Lavite has expanded to a wide range of markets at home and abroad with many prestigious certifications such as ISO 22000, HACCP, Global Gap and FDA.

hector đông trùng hạ thảo

hector đông trùng hạ thảo

The result of solidarity and concentricity

Lavite was founded by CEO Ngoc Tuyet with co-founders Lua Dang, Trang La and Phu Bui in 2015. This is the result of the synergy of "shared vision, common belief, passion" of women. Entrepreneur Ngoc Tuyet as well as the founding members of the company.

Although initially facing many difficulties, CEO Ngoc Tuyet and co-founders have really stood firm in the market after 6 long years of hard work in research, production and market development of profitable products. beneficial for health.

Until now, CEO Ngoc Tuyet's business specializes in research, production and sales of healthy products including functional foods, herbs, and tropical fruits. In particular, Lavite also owns the Cordyceps Hector brand with product lines that are very healthy, delicious and convenient. In addition, Lavite Company is also a unit specializing in exporting dried herbs and dried fruits to many partners around the world.

hector đông trùng hạ thảo

Closed process, managed according to European standards

Lavite's products have been widely popularized at home and abroad, appeared on many health product programs, won many contests. In the 2018 Start-up Wheel competition, Lavite's Hector brand won the overall Third Prize. At the same time, Lavite's CEO also won the Best Female Founder award.

Lavite's products are produced according to a closed process from planting, harvesting to processing and packaging. The factory is designed according to standards, strictly managed according to the management process of the export food factory according to European standards. Lavite's products are researched and developed with high quality organic orientation, no chemicals for human health, but at reasonable prices and convenient for users. All products are subject to strict traceability procedures.

In particular, Lavite has a team of personnel specialized in Biotechnology, Food, Pharmacy and Traditional Medicine with many years of experience and passion for creating quality products, based on Lavite's core values. .

Moreover, the factory is designed in accordance with standards, strictly managed according to the management process of the export food factory according to European standards. In particular, the processing plant for dried agricultural products and nutritious drinking water is located in Phan Thiet Industrial Park, Binh Thuan and the pharmaceutical drying factory in Dong Nai. The garden of cordyceps in Da Lat, where the mycelium is nourished in the most suitable natural conditions and accumulates the highest concentration of medicinal substances.

Quy trình khép kín, quản lý theo tiêu chuẩn châu Âu

Cordyceps Hector

In addition to herbal and tropical fruit products, Lavite is also known for Hector's cordyceps products - a line of health food products. Western science has also proven more health benefits of this herb. Cordyceps has many uses such as: increasing resistance, antiviral, anti-inflammatory; eliminate tumors, fight cancer; good for heart, liver, kidney; has the effect of regulating blood sugar, reducing stress; enhance vitality, increase endocrine both male and female; Effective rejuvenation from within the cell.

There are hundreds of different species of cordyceps in nature, but the most common and widely used are Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris. Cordyceps mushroom Hector is cultivated from the species Cordyceps militaris to collect fruiting bodies. Since then put into use in the form of medicinal mycelium, pure herbal powder or extracted and made into products.

Hector Cordyceps includes traditional products such as fresh cordyceps, sublimated dried cordyceps, cordyceps capsules and especially Hector ginseng drink, Hector collagen.

The production process of Hector cordyceps is strictly controlled from mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing to mushroom cultivation and product processing... to ensure quality standards and easy traceability.

hector đông trùng hạ thảo

Although manufactured with a high-tech closed process, the price is reasonable, so Hector as well as other Lavite products are being favored and preferred by the market.

Currently, Lavite's products are distributed in more than 200 stores nationwide, sold online through e-commerce channels as well as Lavite's official website, including lavite.com.vn and dongtrunghathaohector.com. At the same time, from 2/2020, Lavite is also present at branches of AEON supermarket and Pharmacy Phano pharmacy. In particular, Lavite's products are present in many countries such as Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, USA and Switzerland.

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