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SASCO SHOP, the largest shopping mall at Tan Son Nhat airport, participates in the distribution of Hector Cordyceps.

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Wednesday, 02/23/2022

SASCO Shop is a system of departmental stores and souvenirs - fine arts located at both the Domestic Terminal and the International Terminal, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, meeting the needs of passengers with more than 30,000 items with unique features. cultural characteristics of each region of Vietnam. Especially, when shopping at SASCO Shop, you don't have to worry about complicated aviation regulations because all items are carefully packed according to the rules, ready for you to bring directly on the plane.

Products available at SASCO Shop include a variety of categories:

Handicrafts, silk, souvenirs, children's toys, accessories - fashion, Vietnamese coffee, fresh fruit, dried fruit, confectionery, regional specialties, bottled drinks, wine And many other items.

After each trip, the featured items from the place you've been to are always souvenirs of your spiritual value for yourself and your loved ones. At SASCO Shop, you will find small gifts with great meaning, ranging from regional specialties, fine art goods, beauty products, health care to high-end, luxury, culturally rich products. culture of the country, regions and people of Vietnam.

After a period of research, evaluation and thorough examination, SASCO Shop finally chose Hector as a companion brand with 02 products:

  1. Hector Cordyceps tonic drink with Herbs
  2. Hector Cordyceps Beauty drink with Collagen

With this cooperation, SASCO Shop wishes to introduce more prestigious, healthy, beauty and luxury products to SASCO Shop's customers. As for Hector Cordyceps, this is a step to affirm its name and quality with both foreign and domestic customers when being trusted and selected by big supermarkets to put on shelves.

Website: sasco.com.vn

SASCO Shop Shop
to Domestic Terminal, Tan Son Nhat Airport (near gate 9-10) or visit the website to choose quality food products immediately.