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Hector Cordyceps at Vietnam Expo

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Saturday, 04/17/2021

Hector Cordyceps at the Vietnam Expo in Hanoi last time

VIETNAM EXPO 2021 is a General Trade Fair with a long tradition and the largest scale in Vietnam. Directly chaired and directed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The event is considered as one of the important trade promotion activities of the industry and trade industry, making a great contribution to the chain of cooperation programs, promoting import-export trade and investment in Vietnam.

Vietnam International Trade Fair 2021 - "Accompanying businesses in the digital era" will be an opportunity for domestic and international businesses to promote products, meet potential customers, expand and strengthen the domestic market. Along with that, the participating countries will have the opportunity to approach a large number of Vietnamese businesses to learn about the market, exchange, cooperate in investment, transfer technology, contribute to promoting export growth and promote export. attracting foreign investment into Vietnam.

Gathering more than 600 booths, with the theme throughout "Vietnam Expo - Strengthening regional and international economic connectivity" will continue to affirm as an opportunity not to be missed for domestic enterprises in the world. strong brand building momentum, to serve domestic and export needs, and is a golden opportunity to help startups reach the public in the most effective way. Also through Vietnam Expo, customers and foreign partners will have more opportunities to understand more about the Vietnamese market that is "incessantly transforming" in the development of production, consumption of goods and calling for investment attraction.

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Broadcast time: Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 7:00 a.m

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