GLOBALG.A.P. is an internationally recognized set of farm standards dedicated to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). GLOBALG.A.P.’s roots began in 1997 as EUREPGAP. British retailers harmonize their own standards and procedures and develop an independent certification system for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) because they aware of consumers’ growing concerns regarding product safety, environmental impact and the health, safety and welfare of workers and animals.
Over the next ten years the process spread throughout the continent and beyond. Driven by the impacts of globalization, a growing number of producers and retailers around the globe joined in, gaining the European organization global significance. To reflect both its global reach and its goal of becoming the leading international G.A.P. standard, EUREPGAP changed its name to GLOBALG.A.P. in 2007.
Through certification, producers demonstrate their adherence to GLOBALG.A.P. standards. For consumers and retailers, the GLOBALG.A.P. certificate is reassurance that food reaches accepted levels of safety and quality, and has been produced sustainably, respecting the health, safety and welfare of workers, the environment, and in consideration of animal welfare issues. Without such reassurance, farmers may be denied access to markets. GLOBALG.A.P. today is the world’s leading farm assurance program, translating consumer requirements into Good Agricultural Practice in a rapidly growing list of countries – currently more than 120.