Soft dried red dragon fruit 100g


Soft-dried red dragon fruit is made from 100% fresh dragon fruits, no additives, no added sugars, non GMO, health benefits.

It is from a local Vietnamese factory and farm station, with high standard of quality management and trace-ability.

Good quality, good price.

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Soft-dried red dragon fruit are made from 100% fresh dragon fruits, no additives, no added sugars, non GMO, health benefits.

This is “from farm to factory” product. The fruit will be transferred to factory right after harvest every early morning, then be processed while all are at freshest. All fresh dragon fruit come from Binh Thuan, where is the most famous place of dragon fruit in Vietnam.

Soft-dried red dragon fruit is a wonderful health benefit products, it acts as immune booster, digestion helper, diabetes treatment and prevention, heart healthy, keep you looking youthful and cancer prevention



100% red dragon fruit

Production Flow Chart

  • Harvest 85% ripe dragon fruit from farm station with GAP standards at morning, then directly transfer to factory for less than 2 hours and kept in cool room while processing.
  • Fresh fruits are washed with pure water in washing room, using fruit washing machine, then transferred to a high-care area for slicing and peeling
  • Right after sliced and peeled, all sliced fruits will be organized over Inox 304 trays then send to already-at-drying-temperature oven.
  • The slices will be changed top-bottom sides every a certain of time to make sure all slice sides are well dehydrated.
  • The finished product with 22-25% MC will be get out of oven, and packed in a clean room.


  • Pouch of 100 gr each or upon request

Storage and uses:

  • 18 months self-life in a below 4 Celsius degree storage condition; 12 months self-life in a below 10 Celsius degree storage condition; 6 months self-life in a a room temperature (below 25 Celsius degree) display condition; 3 months self-life in a tropical hot temperature condition
  • Instant use.
  • Should be consumed within 2 days after open.


  • Fresh fruits with GAP standards (GlobalGap or VietGap)
  • Factory with ISO 22000:2005 standard for food processing management (included ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP).