Cordyceps Honey


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Cordyceps Honey is raw honey and Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) powder. Ideal as a natural sweetener in case of lack of energy. Just stir with a spoon before use in order to mix the mushroom powder thoroughly through the honey.

Ingredients: 1gr Cordyceps + 70gr Honey

Health benefits of cordyceps honey:

  • Improve health and the immune system: With 17 different amino acids, together with lipid, vitamins A, B, C, E, K, and trace minerals such as Na, K, Al, Se … help supply nutrition the body, especially for those who are asthenia, treatment for prolonged illness.
  • Cancer prevention and treatment: The main component is Cordycepin, which boosts the immune system, blocks the proliferation of cancer cells, and reduces the size of the tumor.
  • Improves circulation of blood, circulatory and cardiovascular: Adenosine helps increase oxygen levels in the blood, improving the heart rate. In addition, other ingredients also contribute to reducing the level of cholesterol, avoiding atherosclerosis.
  • Prevention and treatment of bacterial and viral diseases: HEAA active ingredient (Hydroxyethyl Adenosine Analogs) has powerful antimicrobial, antiviral effects to enhance the immune system and improve health, especially in the treatment of diseases, HIV / AIDS treatment

Ideal for people who want to improve their energy levels.

Cordyceps – extreme precious food given from the earth have usually been found in the highland of Tibet. With the high source of nutrition, high ability to increase health, effective preventability of cancer, this kind of food have always been the first option for health’s treatment from all over the world. Thanks to the advantage of technology and clear source of material, Lavite proudly presents the high-quality product to customers.

How to use Cordyceps Honey: 

Take 1-2 tablespoons a day at breakfast with fresh bread or toast. It also can be used as a natural and organic substitute of sugar. Store in a cool dry place. Ideal temperature: 18-24 ºC