According to Vietnamese Fruits Production and Exports Based on The Global Gap & ISO 22000 Standard Towards Faster and Sustainable Development Research, structure of exported fruits has a huge export value of Vietnam ‘s dragon fruit( U.S. $ 454 million and accounted for 44 % of total export turnover of fruit ) , coconut and coconut products ( 165 million) , lychee ( $ 45 million ) , Longan ( $ 39 million ) , pineapple and pineapple products ( 25 million USD. Additionally , mangosteen , durian , milk fruit is the real … famous exports , including some delicious fruits that Nam Roi pomelo , durian Ri 6 ( Vinh Long ) , durian milk of Chin Hoa ( Ben Tre province ) , Hoa Loc mango , Lo Ren milk fruit ( Tien Giang ) , Dragon fruit ( Binh Thuan province ) … In recent years , the number of mango and lychee exports have increased quite rapidly . lychee exported mainly through the Chinese traders buying and sorting in place . Pineapple exports mostly canned , frozen fresh . canned Pineapple is a fruit products mainly export fruit sector in Vietnam. Apart from the market tradition as the Russian Federation , Eastern Europe , the pineapple has penetrated into Japan , Singapore , Hong Kong and especially in the America market. Besides, dragon fruit is also top it all off has been exporting large quantities to China , Malaysia , Thailand and many countries in Europe and the Middle East . Apart from the U.S. , Japan today started very interested in Vietnam’s dragon fruit .

Previously, Vietnam fruit exports mainly in processed form , these products include frozen pineapple , canned pineapple , pickles , canned mangosteen with pineapple kernels , fresh fruit juices and specialty . Within five years, the export of fresh fruit has increased in proportion export , especially export quota . Tropical Fruits and off seasonal fruits are strength of Vietnam for export to China.