In addition to ornamental, dragon fruit is also very popular as food, a refreshing dish and dessert in the tropical and some temperate countries. It also works as medicines.


The shell of the dragon fruit is quite thick, accounting for 26% of fruit weight, helps to preserve long, not spoil.

Nutritionally, the 100g portion of the dragon fruit contains 84g of water, 1.4g protein, 0.4g lipid, 11.8g glucur, 1.4g cellulose, 8mg vitamin C, some vitamin A, mucus .

In addition, scientists estimate that only about 600-700g of dragon fruit can provide enough vitamin C for the body to prevent scurvy and some vitamin C deficiencies.

Dragon fruit is sweeter when ripe but some people like the little sweet and sour taste when the fruit is not really ripe.

According to Oriental medicine, dragon fruit is sweet, sour very light, cool. It helps heat, laxatives, cough and sputum. Mucus in dragon fruit helps to reduce cholesterol. Do that, obesity, people with higher cholesterol should eat dragon fruit more.

Dragon fruit is also used to prepare many dishes such as dragon fruit salad,  fried dragon fruit, dragon fruit fish soup, dragon fruit sauce,  dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit smoothie , dragon fruit jelly…

Dragon fruit is also suitable for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic constipation.

The dragon fruit tree helps the muscles relax, to smooth the colonies and to detoxify. Remove the bark and spines of the dragon fruit tree then wash thoroughly with salt. Bring them then to crush, then take the juice or residue of this mixture to apply on burns, scald burns or wound infection caused by ear inflammation, acne, broken bone.

Flowers of dragon fruit help nourish lungs, reduce cough. They are white when bloom, beautiful as epiphyllum, used to treat bronchitis, inflammatory lymph nodes TB, to detoxify alcohol. Dose 15-30g fresh or 10-12g dry of dragon fruit flowers to cook as tea. People also cook dragon fruit flower with pork to make nutritious soups to cure weak lung or phlegm.

Source: Center for Communication – Health Education Ho Chi Minh City