Lavite is a long story and on-going. This story tell us about a journey of a group of entrepreneurs from Vietnam who are obsessed with the mission “bring the wonderful Lavite fruit products from Vietnam to the world”.

The story is writing everyday, today, right the time you are reading this introduction. And, as a part of authors, we would like to see this story is never end, we would like to see it is on-going for hundreds years or thousands years later…

I am a Vietnamese and my mother language is Vietnamese, of course. However, I will try to tell you our story in English, in my break-time, using my second languages so it will be a little bit messy with my vocabulary and grammar. And, as I told you before, our story is on-going, and I have everyday activities as a piece of a pie so it’s difficult for me to tell a story with a standard English. So, I tell you a story and you just read the story, not the literature, deal!